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Bike Madrid Lisbon is a great epic bike ride in Europe that connects Road Mountain and (now) Gravel Bike Challenge from Madrid to Lisbon. Crossing mountain ranges of the backbone of the Iberian Peninsula with over 1000 km of pure cycling adventure and fulfilling moments that any cyclist aspires to.

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Road, Mountain and Gravel Bike Challenge Madrid to Lisbon. One of the best cycling in Europe.

Prepare yourself for a cycling challenge in Europe with natural tracks that go on for kilometers all while being blessed with the best weather. The whole journey is an absolute scenic joy that will stay in the memories of those who manage to complete one of the best cycling climbs experience.

Apart from the beautiful landscapes, you will bike through one of the historical sites of Europe and rest in nice accommodations with great food!

Take this epic challenge with low-cost flights coming into Madrid and Lisbon. This journey is already established as one of the most epic bike ride crosses in Europe (both road and mountain bike tours). Linking Madrid and Lisbon by bike through untamed mountains is beyond the reach of many places around the globe.

We believe its best secrets are still to be unveiled on Road and Mountain Bike Challenge.

the epic ride.

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  • Experienced Guide

    or GPS Tracks

    A very Experienced Guide will lead your way, but we also provide GPS Tracks for the more independent adventurers to follow at their own pace.

  • Gourmet Picnics

    Buffets With Nutritious Meals

    Gourmet buffets mid-stage with regional products to nourish and energize our strong challengers.

  • Route Scouting

    Improved challenging trails

    Every year we scout and test new ideas to improve our routes, so we can offer the best experience to our participants.

  • Transfers

    Arrival, Departure & Luggage

    Whether you are doing the Complete Tour, or just the Spanish or Portuguese Week, your arrival and departure transfers are included, as well as luggage transfers from hotel to hotel.

  • Assistance on Tour

    Mechanical & Technical

    We provide Mechanical & Technical assistance during your ride with spare parts and equipment, as well as Washing and Maintenance Services. If everything else fails, we also have a spare bike.

  • Backup Vehicle

    We have your back

    While you ride, we’ll drive along, ready for any needs you might have: energy bars, isotonic drinks, spare tubes, nappy creams, tires, CO2 canisters, tire pumps, jerseys and shorts, recovery drinks, medical assistance, mechanical or technical assistance, etc.

about bml..

Out of António Gavinho’s endless pursuit of adventure, Bike Madrid Lisbon was born.
Around 2005 he started his first tourism organization and has now very well-established brands in Active Tourism in Portugal for incoming visitors.

The Bike Madrid Lisbon’s first draft – Mountain Bike – route started in 2010. For about one year the sketch was drawn, scouted, and tested until finally being presented at the first event in 2011.

Through the Central Range mountains, the backbone of the Iberian Peninsula, privileging the landscapes of greater natural beauty, more and more participants joined every year.
The route evolved and improved, but soon the need for a Road Bike event arose, with many followers asking for it. Since we wanted to include all bike lovers, in 2014 the first Road Bike journey was made.

Nowadays every year we organize Mountain BikeRoad Bike and Gravel Bike (new) bike challenge events for riders all around the world.
The Bike Madrid Lisbon has matured, but is still fresh and young, being reborn in every edition with new participants (or survivors, as we call them), new challenges, and new adventures!

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